Tuesday, September 30, 2014

FDSM lifetime achievement award presented to Rick Gangloff

At the 2014 International Conference on Fatigue Damage of Structural Materials, Professor Rick Gangloff received the lifetime achievement award. The awarding committee honored him offering that the award was given in recognition of:
    His brilliant career and pioneering contributions to the field of environmental cracking in high performance metallic alloys.  His quantitative characterization and mechanistic interpretation of the interactions between electrochemistry, metallurgy, and mechanics has enhanced prognosis methods and informed alloy development for aerospace, transportation, infrastructure, and energy applications.  The FDSM conference series is thankful for his technical inputs, continuous participation, and collegiality.
The biennial conference was held in Cape Cod from the 21-26 September 2014 and brought  together an international assembly of delegates to discuss methods and research trends for  characterizing, predicting and conducting analysis of fatigue damage of structural materials.