Monday, January 1, 2007

Nicole Tailleart, MSE Ph.D candidate, Wins First Place at the 2007 Tri-service Conference.

The theme of this year's Tri -service conference was "Integrating Corrosion Prevention and Control in Policy, Planning, and Programming." Nicole Tailleart won first place with her poster on multi-functional corrosion properties of pulse thermal sprayed (PTS) Al-Co-Ce Alloys. Taillheart's work on PTS metal coatings is valuable in aerospace applications and corrosion inhibition.

Advised by John Scully, she is part of the CESE group of students who are ever adding to their long list of accomplishments. Again, congratulations to Nicole on finishing in first place.

Beth Kehler Wins A.B. Campbell Award

Beth Kehler (PH.D. candidate, MSE) recieves A.B. Campbell Award for the best technical paper in Corrosion Journal

Crevice corrosion is one of the main performance limiting factors for the engineered barrier at the proposed Yucca Mountain repository. This topic is timely and important since the successful establishment of this repository will likely determine the long term fate of nuclear power generation in the United States .Beth's winning paper covered crevice corrosion of a nickel-base superalloy for the nuclear waster storage canisters. The paper was co-authored with her advisor, John R. Scully.

It is also worth noting that 3 CESE/MSE students (Kehler - 07, Marta Jakab - 06 [Ph.D. 2006], and Dave Enos - 1998 [Ph.D. 1997], one former CESE/MSE student (Michelle Gaudett-Koul, [Ph.D 1996]), as well as two faculty in CESE/MSE (Kelly, 1997, and Scully, 1985) have earned this award in the years indicated. This technical achievement is unprecedented in the corrosion field since its development as a sub-specialty of MSE. No other organization including the world famous Fontana Corrosion Center at Ohio State
University, the corrosion center at Cambridge, UK, as well as the one at UMIST, UK, can claim this achievement.

Again, congratulations to Beth for the award this year as well as the past CESE students for their achievements.