Wednesday, May 28, 2014

CESE students garner spring N.A.C.E awards

This Spring at NACE International's Annual Conference and Exposition, over 6,000 students and industry leaders from government, business, and academia gathered for the 69th annual convention, CORROSSION 2014 in San Antonio, TX.  In the student poster sessions, CESE students continued to earn top honors among their colleagues in nearly all categories:

Jay Srinivasan won first place in the Marcel Pourbaix category for the field of corrosion science.

Cindy Shi won second place in the Marcel Pourbaix category for the field of corrosion science.

Leslie Bland placed third in the Harvey Herro category for the field of applied corrosion technology.

Mike McGrath (CHE 15') a chemical engineering undergrad working in Kelly group) won Best Undergraduate Student Poster.


Monday, May 19, 2014

Congratulations to the Class of 2014

All the best to our wonderful students who walked the lawn yesterday and completed a life milestone. Congratulations to friends and families who supported them.
May the best be yet to come!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mike Melia wins AVS student poster competition

At the April meeting of the American Vacuum Society Mid-Atlantic Chapter in Newport News, Va, Mike Melia won best presentation at the student poster competition.  The research, done in collaboration with fellow Fitz-Gerald group member Leslie Bland, explores post-processing corrosion response and corrosion resistance for welding of magnesium alloys and non-equilibrium surface processing.   

Congratulations Mike!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Inaugural Belinda and Chip Blankenship UG scholarship awarded to Elise Poerschke

Elise Poerschke (Engr. Sci. ’15) has been selected as the first recipient of the Belinda and Chip Blankenship Scholarship.  Elise has been researching high temperature reactions in Professor Beth Opila’s lab. She will present her research at the MS&T Conference in Pittsburgh this coming fall and is preparing a manuscript for the Journal of the American Ceramic Society.

Elise Poerschke receiving the Belinda and Chip Blankenship
Undergraduate Scholarship for materials science from MSE department chair Bill Johnson

The scholarship was made possible thanks to support from Belinda and Chip Blankenship. Chip is a 1992 MSE Ph.D. alumnus who now serves as president and CEO of GE Appliances in Louisville, KY.  The scholarship was established to advance engineering education and support the United States’ manufacturing, R&D and competitive capability. The award encourages and assists U.Va. undergraduate students to pursue graduate studies in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

Congratulations to Elise who was an excellent candidate for the first award. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Mark O'Masta Receives Ph.D.

Congratulations to Mark O'Masta who received his Ph.D. in Materials Science.  Mark's dissertation titled "Mechanisms of Dynamic Deformation and Failure in Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fiber-Polymer Matrix Composites" has elucidated the mechanisms of ballistic penetration in this polymer composite.  Mark will be with the group over the summer while he finishes several papers and considers several opportunities well suited to his learned skill-set and inquisitive nature.

Ryan Holloman Receives Ph.D.

Congratulations to Ryan Holloman who has received his Ph.D. in Materials Science.  Ryan's thesis "Impulse Loading of 3D Prismatic Cellular Structures" sought to develop a novel aluminum alloy cellular structure and investigate the impulse and pressure transferred to the structure by an idealized buried explosive event. Ryan begins his new position as a Fracture Mechanics and Fitness Service Program Leader at ExxonMobil in Houston, Texas in May 2014.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

ES Student Dasha Tyshlek Earns 1st Place at NYC Medical Hackathon

On April 4th-6th, students from dozens of universities converged in NYC for a weekend focusing on creating disruptive medical technologies. The MIT group Hacking Medicine organized the event which was sponsored by WebMD. Congratulations to third year engineering science student Dasha Tyshlek, who not only represented U.Va on the team which took first place, but also pitched the winning idea.

From "New York City hacks problems in medicine at WebMD" 
April 24, 2014 by Alex Zorychta
 "When you think of a hackathon, you usually envision a bunch of laptops, snack foods, and late nights, with sleepless programmers diligently and intensely working through an iteration of software. But what if we could apply this same energy and momentum in getting new projects started in fixing the problems in healthcare? On the weekend of April 4th-6th, 2014, software engineers, clinicians, biomedical engineers, life sciences entrepreneurs, and designers came together to do just that. Most came from the New York area, but some traveled as far as from the University of Virginia to attend the event."