Thursday, April 7, 2011

Carolyn Pelnik wins Harrison Undergraduare Research Award

April 6, 2011 — UVA Today by Matt Kelly

Twenty-four University of Virginia undergraduates have received Harrison Undergraduate Research Awards for independent research this summer. Two other students have had their research underwritten by the Stull family of Dallas and the Finger family of Houston.

The research awards support students who present detailed plans for research projects that have been endorsed by a faculty mentor. A Faculty Senate committee selected the winners, who receive up to $3,000. Faculty mentors who oversee the projects receive $1,000.

"The Harrison Awards have worked as a catalyst to stimulate others to give generously to the University to support undergraduate research," Lucy Russell, director of the Center for Undergraduate Excellence, said. "The Stull and Finger families have followed this lead by creating their own research awards."...

Carolyn Pelnik
• Carolyn Pelnik, 20, of Richmond, a second-year engineering science major in the Engineering School and the College, combining biomedical engineering with environmental science, is researching the ability of bacteria to migrate towards and degrade chemical pollutants in groundwater systems.