Monday, April 22, 2013

Jack Dorning recieves Gerald C. Pomraning Memorial Award from ANS

The American Nuclear Society recently selected Jack Dorning, the Whitney Stone Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering Physics, for the 2013 Gerald C. Pomraning Memorial Award. The award from the American Nuclear Society recognizes individuals who have made "outstanding contributions toward the advancement of the fields of mathematics and/or computation."

The award is named for Dr. Pomraning, co-founder of SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation).   The award is administered by the Mathematics and Computations Division of the American Nuclear Society.

Additionally, Professor Dorning will deliver an invited plenary lecture at the meeting in which the award is given. 
The recipient of the Gerald C. Pomraning Memorial Award is determined by critical review and assessment of the credentials and qualifications of the candidate, and of her/his outstanding accomplishments and contributions that have benefited the fields of mathematics and/or computations that advance the understanding of topics of interest to the American Nuclear Society.