Tuesday, January 1, 2013

John Scully Earns Willis Rodney Whitney Award

The WR Whitney Award is the highest technical honor given by NACE International, the largest international professional society concerned with corrosion science and engineering.

The award is given "in recognition of individuals who have made significant contributions to corrosion science, such as the development or improvement of a theory that provides a more fundamental understanding of corrosion phenomena and/or the prevention of corrosion." Prof. Scully will be speaking on his many contributions in the area of hydrogen embrittlement when he gives the award address at the NACE International meeting in Salt Lake City in March of 2013.

Having won the Campbell Award of NACE (for best paper by a young author, in 1985) and the Uhlig Award, Scully has achieved the “triple crown” of awards bestowed in electrochemical and corrosion engineering.

For those in the field, previous Whitney Award winners include Evans, Uhlig, Wagner, Hoar, Stern, Brown, Vermilyea, Parkins, Staehle, Kurger, Rapp, Shibata, Galvele and Newman.

In January, Prof. Scully also began his term as technical editor of the journalCorrosion. Scully was a unanimous choice of the NACE Publications Administration Committee for this editing post.