Thursday, January 1, 2004

Matthews Family Contributes Additional Funds to Wilsdorf Hall

Fall 2004 - Virginia Engineering

The family of the late John W. Matthews, a former postdoctoral researcher at the University of Virginia and a groundbreaking materials researcher, has pledged $500,000 in his memory to the School of Engineering and Applied Science. 

Professors Doris Kuhlmann-Wilsdorf and William Jesser,
Valerie Matthews and Dean James H. Aylor at the 2004
Thornton Society Dinner

Matthews, whose son is the rock music composer and performer Dave Matthews, was an IBM Corporation research scientist who had a long-term research affiliation with the Engineering School.The gift will support the construction of a connector between Wilsdorf Hall and the Chemistry Building. Wilsdorf Hall is an under-construction materials science building that will serve as a research and teaching facility. The building will also house conference rooms and faculty offices. Previously, the Matthews Family contributed $500,000 for construction of a 1,000-square foot laboratory in the building in honor of Mr. Matthews’ long relationship with the Engineering School and with Professors William Jesser and Doris Kuhlmann-Wilsdorf.