Thursday, July 2, 2015

UVA ECS Student Chapter Ranked #1

With 32 students, the University of Virginia student chapter of the Electrochemical Society ranked number one as the ECS student chapter with the largest presence according to May press posting.  Founded in 1902, the Electrochemical Society is the largest international organization promoting  electrochemical and solid state science and technology. With over 8,000 members in 70 nations, ECS promotes the field of electrochemistry and solid-state science through meetings, journal publications, scholarship, and training.

The UVA student executive committee is:

Mary Lyn Lim (MSE), Co-Chair
Jay Shrinavsen (MSE), Co-Chair
Noelle Easter Co (MSE)
Rob Golden (MSE)
Scott Lee (CHEM)
Gilbert Liu (MSE)

Micheal Nguyen (CHEM)
James Robinson (CHEM-E)
Lok-kun Tsui (MSE)

Giovanni Zangari is the ECS faculty adviser