Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rob Kelly Endowed AT&T professor of Engineering Chairship

Professor Robert G. Kelly will become the AT&T Professor in Engineering.

After joining the MSE department in 1990, Kelly became a full professor in 2004. In addition to serving as Co-Director of the Center for Electrochemical Science and Engineering at UVa, Professor Kelly is a Fellow of Nace, an H. H. Uhlig Award recipient, author of over 100 papers, and an often-lauded "best" teacher - having been selected as a favorite teacher by his students numerous times for his skills as an educator.

His research focus includes:

Studies of the electrochemical and chemical conditions inside localized corrosion sites in various alloy systems, corrosion in aging aircraft, development of embeddable corrosion microinstruments, microfabrication methods to probe the fundamentals of localized corrosion, and multi-scale modeling of corrosion processes. [Past] work has included work on the corrosion of metals and alloys in marine environments, non-aqueous and mixed solvents as well as stress-corrosion cracking and other forms of localized corrosion.

According to his bio, Rob is married "to a wonderful lady and their home is completed with a son and daughter, as well as two whippets and three two fish"