Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gary Shiflet earns SEAS Distinguished Faculty Award

Gary Shiflet received the 2012 Distinguished Faculty Award for his outstanding accomplishments in teaching and research.   The award is given in recognition of excellence across all areas faculty impact: service to the University, cutting edge research, and teaching. Professor Shiflet has been the William G. Reynolds endowed Chair since 1994 and joined the MSE department in 1981. 
Left to Right: Dean James Aylor, Professor Gary Shiflet, John DeMaso

From SEAS E-news:

The Distinguished Faculty Award was given to Professor Gary J. Shiflet, the William G. Reynolds endowed chair of materials science and engineering. Shiflet is a prolific researcher who holds six patents on amorphous alloys. He has received multiple single investigator NSF grants, published more than 200 technical journal articles and led large DARPA-funded initiatives. He also has dedicated himself to improving undergraduate education, including redesigning an introductory level materials science course for non-science majors using the theme “Materials That Shape Our Civilization.” Thanks to his efforts, enrollment in that class grew from 20 students in 2004 to more than 600 students each year for the past three years.