Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wadley previously named Inventor of the Year

In addition to his 2012 honor receiving the  "Distinguished Scientist Award," Professor Wadley previously was honored by the U.Va. Patent Foundation as the 2004 Inventor of Year.  That award recognized his both his "path-breaking research" as well as "entrepreneurial spirit".  He is currently the only faculty member to have been honored with both awards.

May 19, 2004:
“Haydn is a good example of a 21st-century, university scientist who maintains his intense focus on fundamental research, while appreciating the practical importance of the technology he is developing,” said Robert S. MacWright, executive director of the U.Va. Patent Foundation. “His work has the potential to make significant contributions both to the U.S. economy and to our national defense.”
Herr noted that potential contributions to the local economy also were a factor in the decision.
“Haydn is an example of an inventor who is working in an entrepreneurial way to form Virginia companies to keep his technology in Charlottesville so the local community can benefit,” he said.
Wadley currently has 25 patent applications at varying stages of approval, said Alan Bentley, Patent Foundation assistant director. The U.S. Patent Office can take up to five years to issue a patent, particularly when the applicant plans to secure international, as well as domestic, intellectual property protection, he said.